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Big crowd at yesterday's Team Pinky Interclub 4. Busy night of sparring. Friday night sparring. Lama ya nak, nungguin mommy selfi dulu Fun times on pads.

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A great session tonight with 3 newbies in. Looking forward to watching them develop. Muay Thai For All students working fundamentals while padded up. Rosé All Day!!! Made weight, now for the fun. Confidence in my dad bod. Pic was taken at last year's Thai festival. I may not be fat. But this is definitely an unfit dad bod. Solid session from everyone tonight. Wind down for the 2 boys fighting Saturday. My beautiful nephew wearing his new Team Pinky shorts.

I love this kid to death. Shorts are available now at the gym. Beauty Face sunscreen Tinted sunscreen Adjust to skin color Can be used instead of foundation waterproof sweat resistant light cream texture Benefit Firm up skin Repair skin Reduce acne Whiter skin Baby face skin Order?

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Yes Jess, you da best, sparked the examiners interest Well done girl! D on the way, cos no you didn't leave your licence in the car lol. Clinching time. A big clinch session tonight for everyone.

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A group pic with the Muay Boran guys before our performance yesterday. Was a fun day.

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The best Thai festival in SA by far. Well organised and look after all the performers really well. Thank you and see you all there again next year. Detoks merupakan sistem yang penting untuk tubuh. So good to have a visit from my homie Kosta tonight.

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One of the true gentlemen of the SA Muay Thai scene. Putting Big rigmart 's fat guts away between rounds when he fought at kg against a giant.

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